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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by rlink, Oct 7, 2014.

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    I've been playing a bit with tagging lately and I come to the conclusion that fb has indeed limited the tagging option for pages, nothing works, especially for brand new pages but also for older pages if they are not a brand/business/actor etc. The old simple method where you posted @[id:linkname] etc all gone. I did come by a way of tagging your pages on your own pages pretty simple
    Go to your page, share it "On another page you manage" then in the description type "@PageName". Only your own pages will come up, pick the page you want to tag. The link name that will appear on the page you are posting on is your shared page title.

    If anyone has any other way around tagging/linking established/new pages in posts/comments, especially on pages you don't own; also comments on other pages, share here :)

    Hope this helps
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    Well few days ago there was thread with exact title. Noone didn't answered to that guys how he can do this . You found the way.

    Congrats ! Thank you