tact89mark's Journey to $500/month (Amazon)

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    I just recently registered here but I have been a lurker for awhile.
    I have done a lot of reading and I finally decided that I won't know what works unless I actually do something. So about a month ago I bought a domain and hosting with the goal of building a site that I will monetize with Amazon affiliates.

    I am posting this to document my progress but also to hopefully get some input from some more experienced folks on what I'm doing right and also what I might be doing wrong. I have read a lot but I definately still have many questions that I am hoping to solve along the way when I run into them. I also am experienced in some areas as well though.

    My goal is to make $500/month.

    I try to do everything myself and avoid spending money where ever I can. I believe that if I don't know how to do something it's better if I learn than just pay someone. The whole idea for me is to actually understand what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I think I will be able to make a better website that way.

    so here is what I've got so far.

    -I bought web hosting for a year at bluehost and got a free domain with the purchase.

    -I installed WordPress and bought the genesis framework. (Very good framework for customizing the code easily) it is also only a one time fee.

    -installed applicable plugins

    -my domain name has part of my KW in it but I also didn't buy an exact match. I think that these days it is better to have a brandable domain.

    -I went to a free logo maker website and created a logo. You can make a logo much better than the ones you usually get on fiverr and it's free.

    -changed the colors on the website to match my logo. I believe it is important to have a very nice looking website. I know some ppl say you should not waste time on this but personally I think it affects bounce rate big time.

    Even if you have great content someone coming from Google doesn't have any type of connection with the website yet and with so many options available they will leave right away if your website looks like junk. Personal opinion.

    Now here is what I did so far with content.

    My goal is the have a review type website reviewing products in my niche. But I also want to build an authority website where I can get followers that keep coming back to my website. I also want to slowly build a list. So in addition to the reviews I am going to be posting helpful - actually helpful to the viewer - information on my website that people find interesting.

    This is to help build authority and to get return visitors. I also believe that people will be more willing to take advice and reviews from an authority website than just a website with a couple pages. People are getting smarter with the internet.

    So for every article I post I will be targeting a specific KW. Long tails at first and as my site grows I will target harder keywords. My articles will be quality. Not any respun garbage or BS gigs on fiverr.

    I have my website broken down into sections so for example I will have a pillar article that is about 2500-3000 words that is helpful the the user along with a table of products. Then I will link to each product from the pillar article and write in depth reviews about the products.

    Each individual review so far has been around 800-1100 words and they all focus on a different keyword. I am hoping to rank for these KWs eventually along with the ones I use for my pillar articles.

    I don't have one main pillar article but rather one main pillar article for each section of the site.

    For example my website is about Blue product Red product green product.
    so I have a pillar article about best Blue products. Then I have specific review articles about each of the blue products I talk about in the pillar.

    I have been using Photoshop to make very nice looking images that are useful and tie into my pillar articles with the goal that I will be able to share those pictures to help get traffic and backlinks eventually. I have not shared anything yet though because I want to get more content first.

    So right now I have:
    -3 pillar article pages
    -about 9 product review posts
    -a few helpful interesting posts
    -about page, privacy policy, disclosure, contact us

    The only thing I am not sure of is this.

    When I found my niche I found a TON of long tail KWs that were fairly high search volume but not to hard to rank for. So I knew I could find plenty to write about but I don't really have a main KW for the whole site if that makes sense?

    It's more of an overall category that my site is based around vs a main KW.

    Also my main home page is set up to display featured posts that I choose myself. I have no pillar articles on the main page I have them in a menu so for example you would click on guides then on a specific guide to get to a main 3000 word pillar article.

    So I'm not trying to get my main homepage ranked but rather specific pages if my site. Is this okay do you think?

    Well that's where I am so far. I will keep updating. Any advice please feel free to share.
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    Good start! I'll be checking back on this journey, I wish you the best!
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    home bassed
    Kind of on the same page here ! I wish you the best!