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    Mar 31, 2014
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    Good day to everyone :).
    I've accidentally crossed this site and was really amazed by the fact money was on the wait for me and I have never realized it.
    The only thing i'm wondering is; This IM is so popular, is it even possible to still earn a good buck on this without having to do this as a full-time job?
    I started to read everything I could and I also read a lot of success stories. Experienced members on this site please tell me if a goal of $500 dollars per month is possible?
    Of course, I know it actually IS possible, but does this include having to use weird methods which could eventually ban me and lose all my earnings?
    Well, reason being I am just a bit skeptical. I do not expect to earn millions, I find earning like ten dollars a day seem like impossible to me.
    That is exactly why I am so excited and pumped up about this. I love the thought of earning money out of nothing (well I am putting a lot of work in, but it doesn't feel like that way for some reason).
    To close this thread I got one main question left unanswered;

    Is this internet marketing still worth putting time and effort, to earn a realistic amount of like $100-200 a month without risking a banned account?

    Sorry for all the questions, I just thought that showing some dedication would actually introduce myself as a guy that takes this thing quite seriously.
    I am a student with the goal to pay rent for my room which is about 200 dollars a month.

    I am currently doing some writing work for postloop and solving captchas for some money.
    It is hard and boring but I will try to invest all I earn into micro niche sites to earn with Google Adsense.
    Is this a solid plan to get me started?

    Thanks for taking time to read this.


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    Sure. You'll get it your expectation.

    All the best. Cheers :)
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    Yes. Way more a month if you put the effort.
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    OP please use line break so that we can read your post without
    stressing our eyes

    Oh and yes welcome to the BHW ... your money making path
    starts from here.

    Best of luck and have safe journey