Syndicated Content In Web 2 properties used for linkwheel (linkbuilding)

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by pasenseoso, Feb 11, 2012.

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    I just want to know your personal opinion about syndicated or copied content.

    Just an hour ago, I tried to search for an article at ezinearticles in google. So I typed in "hawaii honeymoon ezinearticles" in google. To my surprise, I saw more than 20 articles from different website with articles entirely copied from ezinearticles but with attribution. So I guess google doesn't care that much about copy-pasting articles from ezinearticles as long as there is an attribution. I'm new to web 2 linkbuilding so I hope newbies like me could get some ideas for what I just meant. :)

    So what do you think about google's panda thingy? Some claim that if you will copy contents from other sites your site will be penalized or worse, get de-indexed. This couldn't be 100% true.