Switching WP Themes on Active, Large Site? Do You Need VooDoo Magic?

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by tjtigers14, Jun 22, 2015.

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    I've been working on this for a few weeks, and feel like i'm overlooking something. I consider myself pretty accomplished in IM and to not be able to do this is really frustrating!

    All I want to do is switch the Wordpress theme on a website. It's a very active website (300K visitors per month) with a decent amount of pages (200). It cannot have any down time during this transition, nothing beyond 30 minutes.


    1. Right now we cloned the database over to my developer's testing server, but it's super slow, small memory, and just not easy to work on.
    2. Even if we did finish the redesign on the outside server and try to migrate it back to the original, wouldn't there be database/mySQL issues (sorry very bad at DB stuff)

    So I figure my options are this:

    1. Finish working my ass off on redesign on developer's server, then try to migrate it back and hope to the lord that it works.
    2. Start a new account on RackSpace and migrate the site there, redesign it on their servers, then use that as our host and eliminate the current hosting provider we're using.
    3. Use a desktop-based program to simulate a server and let us install Wordpress (MAMP is pretty famous)

    Any suggestions? Am I missing something completely simple and making this way too complicated? It's just that my host (LiquidWeb) in the past has too much discontinuity between staff members and they have created a really screwy backend for us.

    Anyway, hope you all are well!