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Mar 3, 2015
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I've had a site for about two years now. It's been getting about 1000 unique visitors/month for a while. So I found some affiliate offers on clickbank that I chose to promote. I've been testing different offers in the same niche, but with the same result. I'm generating more than 400 leads per month to these offers, but have only managed to make one single sale in a year now. Is this really normal? The visitors are targeted as the offers are matching my niche exactly. Right now the website is costing me more money on hosting alone than it is pulling in. So now I'm thinking I should try CPA offers instead and thought I would ask a few questions here before I start:

- I'm in the gaming niche, which CPA Network would you recommend for this?

- I read the threads about being accepted to CPA Networks, and telling them you're getting a high number of visitors to your site when calling. But since my numbers of unique visitors are way lower than that, wouldn't they be able to check this when the difference is so big?

- Is 1000 unique visitors/month a decent number to start with, or should I try to increase this number before applying to CPA Networks?

- How much would you estimate that this number of leads could make per month? I know it's a difficult question and it depends, but I'd just like to know if I could actually make some money from this, or if my expectations are way off.

Would really appreciate any help or advice :)
Send me on PM your skype ID ill help you, with 1000 traffic you can get around 50 leads, so you are looking somewhere around 25 - 100$ of profit.
just Change Your Landing Pages,
CPA networks? CPAleads Is The Best For Me
1k traffic per day enough for start, just try and see epc. If you don't satisfy - change something or switch to another program.
Use CPAGrip or CPALeads for gaming niche. Both sites are good, but I would personally recommend CPAGrip mostly.
1000 unique visitors per month is not very much for the gaming niche. You need that per day in order to break through. As you can imagine it is one of the most competitive niches out there.

Realize that although there are older gamers, most will be in their teens to 20`s, broke and perhaps going to college.
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