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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Dirty760, May 18, 2017.

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    So my channel was suspended, I thought it was because of the content so I just waited for adsense to finalize, the payment for that channel was not included. I figured if I appealed the suspension it wouldn't work, but I did and it did work. Turns out I was suspended for 'spam' uploading 12 vids in a day almost back to back. So now that channel is active again, when adsense payments finalize next month will the earnings be included from last month?
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    You probably wasn't banned for spam... They give the same reason for almost any ban.

    I have been banned so many times, recently they have banned few empty youtube accounts I had, I had different account for every device, and I wasn't currently using them, but I was planning to.

    When you create a new account, don't use the same password. 'Google accounts' system also detects if your location is the same (if you logged in from Android), if your IP is the same and if the password matches with some previously banned account.

    You may think this is crazy, but they don't care about your privacy. I have suspected this many times recently. Few of the empty banned accounts had same passwords. And they were not even related to each other (new IP, from VirtualBox,etc). I don't know maybe the VPN I was using was banned many times previously.
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    Yeah the earnings should update but I am unsure I havent seen a case like that
    Maybe try reaching out to youtube/google support again and see what they have to say.