Survey : US CPV 0,005$

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    I'm new to this forum, but I have some experience in digital advertising. Actually, I reprensent an Adnetwork specialized in Adblocked inventory, but this is another story..

    My approach here is not commercial, I'm only trying to make a survey in order to see if a new video offer can interest media buyers.

    The conditions could be :

    1/ CPV : 0,005$ (US, UK, CA, etc..)

    2/ CPV = 1 video view > 15 sec

    3/ Format : pre-roll (with skip button and everything)

    4/ Websites category : streaming (movies, tv show, etc.).

    5/ The only possible targeting is geo-targeting.

    Would you be happy with such conditions, if not, what improvements could you advice.

    Thank you!