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Surprising Statistics From Mobile Dating Apps

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by AndyPR, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    Flurry (Leading analytic's company) ran an analysis on the 20 most used dating apps last month. The numbers put together, that makes about 17 millions active users who have had about 2.1 billion sessions. It seems dating apps, for a while, did not get that much attention on platforms like Android and the iOS but they are now undergoing some sort of Renaissance with the creation of ?Tinder? and ?OKCupid?s Crazy Blind Date?. Those apps rely on information given through your phone to help find potential romantic match that lives in the neighborhood.
    The study from Flurry had many layers of revelation but the best one is probably this: Women willing to increase their chances of finding the right man should download the Android dating app.
    This conclusion was drawn by the data scientist Mary Ellen Gordon, who also happens to be Flurry?s director for analysis and industry insight. The fact is there are more men using the Android apps compare to those using the iOS apps, 66% to 55% respectively. Aside that there are also younger people on Android than there are on iOS.
    Flurry found that users will usually check out their dating apps about 8 times a week and in average spend 71 seconds on them. It is interesting to notice that apps for gay people show even more activity with an average use of 22 times a week spending about 96 seconds per session.
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