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    A couple of associates and I were inspired by the following post:

    Essentially, the concept revolves around bringing together a relatively tight knit group of like minded people. We would like to start our own "mastermind crew" (or "support group"). Yes, calling it that sounds lame, I agree, but I know for a fact that there are people here who would benefit from the interaction and likewise would bring something to the table as well.

    We're hoping to find a few smart, capable fellow marketers to hang out with in an IRC channel.

    I'll summarize with bullets:

    We would...

    • Ask and answer questions
    • Discuss ideas and methods
    • Help keep one another motivated. I think this may be the most beneficial of all.
    • Provide general support to one another

    We would NOT...

    • Be expected to share any details about information we would prefer to keep to ourselves, especially regarding business and/or tactics.
    • This shouldn't even have to be said, but I suppose if I was reading this my spidey senses might tingle a bit. So let me be clear: the goal of this isn't to sell anything to anyone, ever. Just chat and help eachother out.

    This is not about putting everything out on the table or outing anyone's strategies. This is about creating a nice group of friendly marketers to help one another and discuss current issues.

    Yes, I realize there are plenty of forums and chat rooms with this in mind, but the idea here is to have a relatively small group of people get together.

    If this sounds interesting to you, drop me a PM with your instant messenger info and tell me a little about yourself. We would prefer to get to know folks who have actually made a buck or two online, since we do. However you are welcome to get in touch with me as long as you feel you could contribute as well as benefit. Topics will probably range from PPV to organic, blackhat and whitehat, the whole spectrum.

    Btw, if this is in the wrong section, my apologies to the mods. I didn't think it was appropriate to post it in JV's since this isn't a JV, more like a fancy chat room invitation, ha!