Superb native Content-Writer needed with Spinnerchief-Experience. 50$ payment+Bonus

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Hello my Friends, worldwide

    There are many things to do. So we need Teamwork.. ;)

    This time I need a good native content-writer, to research about a specific topic and put it into many, many various statements of under xxx amount of letters.

    The Result should be a readable, multi-super-spun-text-collection, about 1 topic with many similar keywords, without anything else.

    It should have at least 25 completly different types of text + over 100 different good interesting readable statements.

    This should be possible, using a creative mind, logic and Spinnerchief or similar spinning software.

    Just message me, if you think, you can do it. If it's done pretty well, we will allways pay extra cash.
    Or should I just do it myself? ;)

    I think you may have potential and I would like to support you ;)
    It could become a long time relationship too.

    Have a nice day.