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super confused about expired domain process.. auction vs deleted.. please help

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by HatHoarder, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. HatHoarder

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    Oct 27, 2011
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    Hey guys have some questions that are driving me crazy. I am usually the last person to post on forums and try to do all the research myself as much as possible, but this is really confusing me, any help would be appreciated. sorry about the links, forum wouldnt let me post for some reason..

    1) I read as soon as a domain reaches the ?pending delete? stage, that it is seen as a brand new domain the next time it is registered, and does not carry the benefits, if any, that comes with being an aged domain?

    So I read that by buying domains from auction, you prevent the domain losing its age.. however, this doesn?t seem to make sense with the timeline found here dropcatch .com / HowItWorks/DropProcess. It says the auction process starts AFTER the domain has been dropped?

    However on this link ca. godaddy .com /help/ what-happens-after-domains-names-expire-6700 .... Notice how the two timelines don?t really match up at all.. On the first one it says that the domain does to auction after the ?pending delete? period, while the second says it goes to auction somewhere during the ?redemption grace period?

    2) When I hear some people say, some domains ?never go to auction?. How is this?

    It is obviously possible to crawl the web for dead links to find some good expired domains as I see people do it, but how do these domains pass through all these stages without going to auction if they are anything worthwhile?

    I understand that there are tons of domains expiring everyday, however with the tools available to weed out a majority of the garbage ones, how is it that many slip through the cracks and are simply available to be registered for $10?

    Sorry for the long post.. Just trying to get a clear understanding of this whole process.. Hopefully this can help some others as well.