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    I'm Crystical. I've been making money online for 2 years now; just never realised there were people dedicated to this up until I first joined this forum. I haven't been posting much though, because my money making method was killed. In the time I made that money I learnt (and earnt) alot though, so I decided to get back to it. We're living in 2012. It's only logical to make money online in this time of age.

    I'll be sharing information as much as I can, to contribute to this community. I'm also planning to donate.

    PS: Does anyone know where I can see what posts got +repped? I noticed I have an odd number of reputation points considering my post number is low and the posts that I have aren't of that high quality.

    Also, what is the difference in being thanked for a post, and being repped for a post?

    Thank you!