Sumon's Journey To "DOUBLE My Traffic Without Google in 12 Weeks!"

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    Why am I doing this?

    I think most of you have already faced this situation:

    you tried heart and soul, followed every Google guidelines to build the best possible website and probably spent a lot of cash already but nothing worked , or may be, you ranked very well and made some money from websites but on one sweet morning you noticed that your site is nowhere in Google. You are broke!

    So, I believe it?s the high time to explore alternative resources that are more long lasting and probably can drive steady traffic to our websites.That?s why I decided to perform this case study to see if I can really drive any significant amount of traffic to a website without depending on Google much!

    The Goal

    The goal of this case study is to double the traffic to a website within 3 months or 12 weeks time frame. I have chosen one of the websites from my portfolio of niche sites. The site is in Tablet niche.The site is currently receiving around 770 visitors per month from search engines.


    So I will try to generate at least 1600 visitors per month to this site within 3 months (January 5th- April 5th). While 1600 may not seem that much traffic per month but considering the monetization scopes of this niche, I think I would be able to generate a good income from this traffic.

    The Team

    3 persons team. Myself and two of my friends. I will be in charge of content creation and overall supervision of the project. Another one will handle facebook, Pinterest and twitter activity. Other person will be in charge of videos, Google alerts and forum submission.

    The Traffic Plan

    Leverage the power of social media:

    I will primarily target 3 major social media sites i.e, facebook, twitter and pinterest to drive traffic to the website.

    a) Facebook:

    - Created a tech based fan page. Currently there are almost zero fans.
    - I?ll run fb ad campaigns to drive more fans to this page.
    - Participate in discussions at other related pages.

    b) Pinterest:

    - Create boards and Pins.
    - Create viral images and share on pinterest.
    - Achieve more followers to the boards.

    c) Twitter:

    - Will publish proactive tweets, re-tweets etc.
    - I?ll use followerwonk to find likeminded people in the tablet niche, use hashtags etc.

    2. Set up You tube channel:

    My plan here is to upload all the latest official videos, product review videos and all other related videos that are helpful to the end reader. People search for official trailers and reviews when a new product comes out to the market. So I will try to leverage this opportunity.

    3. Leverage the power of Google Alerts:

    - Will set up alert for new videos on tech gadgets, tablets etc so that I can take those and upload on our channel as soon as they are live on internet.

    - I?ll also set the alerts for latest blog posts, news etc so that I can write great articles on those topics as well.

    4. Driving Traffic from Forums:

    - Will harvest a list of high traffic forums in the tablet/ gadget niche and participate on those on regular basis.

    5. Capture Email Contacts:

    I?ll be working on a freebie item which I will give away to the visitors in exchange of their email address. This way we?ll try to build an email list which can be used later for newsletter, promo emails etc.

    6. Guest blogging:

    - Try to publish guest posts on different high traffic sites. Since, I am not a native English speaker, so I will be hiring a native writer from oDesk or Elance and work with him/her closely to get our words published on some guest sites.

    These are indeed a lot of work and that's why I have set small monthly goals for each section. You can check out the details here as well.

    I will be publishing regular updates on our progress. Hope it's going to be an exciting case study :) Let us know your thoughts and stay with us throughout the case study!