Suggestions Please About Twitter Marketing!!

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    Hey Folks!!!

    I am kinda new in Twitter Marketing. But I have got a lot of knowledge about Twitter Marketing From past couple of days.

    But I need much more Clear Views to become more focused and absolutely sure about what I can do and what can bring me Success in this business.

    !#! What I Have To Start Twitter Marketing :

    #1. I have 2 Computer ( A Laptop & A Desktop )

    #2. Both Of them Have Internet Connections.

    #3. I Have 1 Tweet Attacks Pro And 1 Tweet Attacks Lite Version Installed in those Two Computers.

    #4. I have a Tweet Attacks Account Creator As well. ( I don't use it though )

    #5. And I have Over 1300 Twitter Accounts. Fresh and Old Profiles to work with.

    Okay, those are the important tools and elements I have to start working. What I am looking for is, How I may start getting followers and how I may start Promoting Various Offers through them without having too much of trouble.

    I am Still a :baby09: .So Please Help Me from your Experiences and knowledge.. :p