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    i have shared hosting with about 20 blogs on it. just nailed some keywords so i jumped up from about 100/day to 1000/day total visitors.

    just got a message from the hosting company that i am now using too many resources! i suppose that is one of those 'good problems', but it is a big problem none the less.

    i was using about 20 times the allotment of cpu usage. i have paused all my wp-robot campaigns, added w3 total cache and wp super cache. deactivated all of the less important plugins. started hotlinking to images instead of self-hosting them. and just set up cloudflare free CDN to try out on a few of the sites.

    this has cut usage down to about 10 times the allotment, and still falling, but not enough...
    the resource usage stats are not that helpful as it only sows the total average usage per day across the entire account...

    anything else i should be doing? what are the most likely things to be hogging the resources?
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    try DB Cache Reloaded Fix : reduces your db load

    Revision Control : reduces the number of revisions stored for pageslposts

    Plugins Garbage Collector : cleans up data left behind by removed plugins

    WP Database Optimizer
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