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    Here's a list of what I consider *quality* hosting providers. I compiled this list after extensive research on WHT. If you just want to see the list, skip the "LONG STORY" and "MY BACKGROUND". :)


    I've seen a number of posts where people are asking for host provider suggestions. It seems that people are either starting out and don't know where to go or they had a bad experience. Well, not too long ago, I scoured WHT (Web Hosting Talk) for information about hosting providers. I read review after review and categorized about 40-50 providers. I spent an incredible amount of time reading tons of reviews and comment threads. As a result, I compiled my list into 3 tiers. Since finding *quality* providers seems to be difficult, I thought I'd share my list of what I consider to be high quality providers.

    Because I've seen BlueHost, Hostgator and VPSLand come up a lot around the forum, I have included them here for comparison.
    However, note the following:

    • BlueHost: I did not come accross BlueHost in my research so consider them "unranked".

    • Hostgator: Ranked in the 3rd tier (out of 3 tiers) of providers. This was mostly due to the large quantity of customer complaints.

    • VPSLand: Ranked in the 2nd tier (out of 3 tiers) of providers. This was mostly due to the lack of enough comments to support a top teir ranking, although the feedback received was very favorable.

    All the others on the list had large amounts of consistently high feedback and extensive community praise. I was NOT looking for budget/cheap providers, so if you simply want low cost you should look elsewhere. For reference, I am using an Innohosting Reseller package and couldn't be more pleased.

    I don't consider this list to be the end-all-be-all list. There are way too many providers out there and plenty of good ones on this board, so use this as a tool to help with your own research.


    I'm an 20+ year IT professional who considers technology a hobby as well. I also like to research things to the point of near exhaustion. While I don't have any personal experience with most of these companies, I am confident in my research and regularly recommend these companies when asked. I would not hesitate to use any of them for my own hosting (except, BlueHost, Hostgator and possibly VPSLand for reasons mentioned above).


    The list is not intended to be comprehensive. I tried to pick similar plans in each category so it would be easier to compare. Most providers have multiple options and addons.

    Hope somebody finds this information helpful.

    Name                    Price    Space    B-Width    Dom    UK?    
    BlueHost-Shared++       $6.95    Unlim    Unlim      Unlim  ?    
    Downtown Host-Bronze    $7.95    10GB     200GB      Unlim  Yes    
    Hostgator-Baby++        $7.96    Unlim    Unlim      Unlim  ?    
    Innohosting-E-commerce $14.99    10GB     250GB      15     Yes   
    Name                    Price    Space    B-Width    Dom    UK?
    EasyCGI                 $7.96    350GB    3500GB     Unlim  ?    
    Name                    Price    Space    B-Width    IP     UK
    DowntownHost-Bronze     $32.95   20GB     200GB      3      Yes    
    Hostgator-Aluminum++    $24.95   50GB     500GB      ?      ?    
    Innohosting-Pro         $26.95   15GB     250GB      1      Yes
    Name                    Price    Space    B-Width    IP     RAM*        UK?
    Downtown Host-Bronze    $19.95   10GB     200GB      2      384/768MB   ?
    Future Hosting-Gold     $32.92   20GB     1000GB     2      512/512MB   ?
    Hostgator-Level 1++     $19.95   10GB     250GB      2      384/384MB   ?
    Innohosting             $35.95   20GB     250GB      2      256/512MB   Yes
    InownHost-VS2           $35.00   40GB     2000GB     2      768/768MB   No
    SolarVPS-Nano           $44.63   50GB     1000GB     3      768/768MB   Yes**
    VPSLand-Starter         $18.00   10GB     250GB      1      512/768MB   ?
    Name                    Price    Space    B-Width    IP     RAM*        UK?
    SolarVPS-Giga           $51.00   50GB     1000GB     3      1024MB      No
    VPSLand-Value           $23.00   10GB     250GB      1      1024MB      No
    Name                    Price        Space       B-Width    IP          RAM        CPU          UK?
    Downtown Host-Bronze    $220.00      2x1000GB    5000GB     ?           4GB        Core i3      ?
    Future Hosting-Q9550    $169.95***   1x1000GB    10000GB    4           8GB        Q9550        ?
    Hostgator-Elite++       $223.00      2x500GB     2500GB     13          4GB        Xeon 3210    ?
    KnownHost-DEDI-CP2      $209.00      2x250GB     5000GB     4           4GB        Q9550        ?
    SolarVPS-Q9450          $209.95****  2x250GB     2000GB     5           2GB        Q9450        ?
    Note: Prices are monthly costs with 12mo pre-pay and counting for any current specials.
    ++ Included for comparison only...see "LONG STORY" for details.
    * Normal/Burst
    ** Currently sold out
    *** Special
    **** Add $20-$25/mo for Windows OS.
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    Linode and Slicehost also have some amazing Linux VPSs.
    Their pricing is also pretty good, albeit, Linode beats out Slicehost in that area.