[Suggestion] Standard Thread Prefixes

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    By standard thread prefixes I mean making it mandatory to select a prefix (or no prefix) for your thread.

    I think it would add to the organization of threads and make it easier and quicker for users to navigate through threads.

    By mandatory it could be a drop down with these options, and then a final one that is just blank, if none of them apply for your thread you just choose the blank one.

    Such as:


    That way the instant you see the thread, you know what its talking about.

    I find that a lot of thread titles say something, and you get in there and find out its someone asking a question about it.

    Something like this:

    "New 2010 Marketing Tactics"

    "Does anyone know any new 2010 marketing tactics I can use for my campaign?"

    Its a little misleading for users.