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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by frappertank, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Anyone who has used link building tools or services for some time sees the "usual suspects" over and over again: social bookmarking, article marketing, profile links, etc..

    I would like to encourage some of the people who make link building tools and services to consider offering more creative/diverse kinds of link building, such as:

    • image links (with optmized alt and title text)
    • URL links (where the URL for your target link is clickable - without using normal anchor text)
    • mentions or 'citations' - where perhaps just the name of your website or domain is mentioned, even without a link!
    • document spreading - using portals where you can upload PDFs, MS Word files and PowerPoint files for link building (have found a couple of services offering this, but not many!)
    • social media link building - where you can get lots of links not just on Facebook or Twitter, but also on the smaller, more up-and-coming social networks
    I urge those of you who develop link building tools and services to get a little more creative and start consider offering specialty services like these!

    Sure, these may not be the MAIN link building methods used by most people...but there must be a niche market out there for this. People who do a lot of link building need more link diversity and are probably willing to pay a good price for such services.

    What kind of link building tools or services would YOU like to see that are not currently being offered?
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    Peeping Tom
    I agree a package with more diversity and less footprint would be ideal.

    With zenno floating around it is a matter of time before someone comes up with something that can do it all.

    I would like to see many of the same things you want.

    Here is what a want, a complete "random" backlinking software package with social built right in. I have not fleshed out the concept or sat down to write down how it works but on the surface I want it to do this:

    Be able to create Web 2.0's and change themes and remove default text, paste random images that have been assigned to that project with alt text option on the image.

    Be able to create video channel accounts and post videos with correctly formatted descriptions and tags.

    Be able to create social network accounts and assigning images randomly to the account based on Gender.

    Be able post on bookmarking sites.

    Be able to post in article directories.

    Be able to post on press release sites.

    Be able to create forum profiles and later create new threads in forums.

    Be able to post blog comments.

    Be able to upload your article to file sharing sites.

    Be able to upload images to photo sharing sites.

    Be able to create and submit RSS feeds.

    BUT that is not it, the concept I have in mind is that the program has a variable to allow YOU to choose how may tier 1 properties to create which will be done with a random # between say 1-20 then tier 2 would randomly assign backlinks to random tier 1 links between a range you choose (say 10-500) then tier 3 would create a random # of RSS feeds to random tier 1 and tier 2 properties and submit them.

    Then the social portion kicks in, the program creates a random # of FB, Twitter etc... accounts and then posts 1 or more of the random tier 1 or tier 2 links on the account page.

    The way I see this it would be a completely random, footprintless way of building links to any Money Site.

    So in one instance 1-10 articles might be your tier 1 with bookmarks, web 2.0's, press releases,PDF files, images,blog comments, forum profiles all pointing to them.

    In another instance a Press Release or Web 2.0 may be tier one with all the rest pointing to the 1st tier.

    After it is said and done RSS feeds will randomly be gathered and submitted and social pages will pop up mentioning 1(or more) of your tier one properties.

    Then it should have an option to save by campaign, so you can go back and either reuse the properties or create a new backlink campaign.

    It should also have the option to remove a particular module like the FB creation, posting or any other module you want to leave out of this link wheel.

    Anyway, I may be asking for too much but at the end of the month my wifes half brother comes to town who is an MIT grad, I am going to see what it would take to put something together like this.

    I know I am missing some things here but maybe with some input I can fine tune it.

    What say you Black hatters, is this doable?
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    Sounds difficult, but not impossible.

    Anyone who has coded knows: with complexity come BUGS, eventually.

    The more complex tasks a piece of software has to perform, the greater the chance that something will BREAK somewhere along the lines.

    Personally, I like using an arsenal of separate, specialized tools (or link building services) for individual tasks.

    Each tool or service can be fine-tuned for its own separate purpose.