suggested tools to restart money making?

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    i need to get serious about this "make some money online" stuff or just hang it up. i've got probably 50-70 niche sites (wp and php/html) around on various hosts, primarily monetizing with adsense, only because adsense provided an order of magnitude more revenue than promoting products directly (cb, cj) or cpa. but my adsense revenue has been reduced from a healthy 4 figures/mo to barely enough to justify g even writing me a check every month in the past year since the google wild animals were let loose (panda, penguin, and the presumably upcoming apeshit)...

    been reading various forums about suggested approaches & tools, looking for suggestions/confirmations about it here:

    * looking at getting gsa search.
    * already have bmd
    * have "some access to" seo link robot (different i think from se robot?)
    * various incansoft things which are ready for deletion cuz they work like crap
    * various wso's (thank you bhw) where 99% of them were crap

    i don't have the budget for senuke and am unexcited about a monthly sub unless it can show that it at least pays for itself. (yea, over time, i realize it doesn't happen overnight or the first week or even month).

    thoughts, suggestions?
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    Most people will tell you, tools wont help until you knwo how to make money with a method by hand, from there you want to upsacle with tools. but I use scrapebox for a lot of things, I find it very handy.