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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by jagrmeister721, Apr 11, 2010.

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    So here's what happens:

    1. I select all Friends through javascript and invite all to the Page
    2. I log in a day later and notice that not all of the friends have been invited. About half are grayed out and half are there as if they weren't invited. I take it there may be some limit you can invite to a page in a day.
    3. I mean to select the non-grayed out people who haven't been invited. The question is how to this efficiently. So,

    a. I try using the JS again . The JS selects ALL friends, even those who are grayed out. My intention when I click the "Invite" button is that only invite those who haven't been invited. However, having tested this, I think it tries to send to all, and runs into some limit, and never gets to the non-invited people. If I login the next day, the non-invited are still non-invited.

    b. I can click on the non-invited (not grayed out) manually and Invite them but this takes a lot of time.

    Any thoughts? Is there JS for only selecting the non-grayed out friends to Suggest to the page?
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    get a bot. PM if you need advice

    and if u devise any other means of inviting, packets must be 20 users per packet to make it delivered 100% (formerly was 40, now 20, hopes does not go much lower hehe)