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Aug 12, 2013
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Can you please suggest me cheapest private proxies that can be used with CL accounts?

I used VPN earlier, but now having problem with them.

Need dedicated private IPs from Phoenix, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Appreciate your suggestions :)
I would like to recommend you Hide My Ass, Good service :D

"Many services in the Internet (www, e-mail and news) collect a lot of personal data without any obvious reason and use this data without informing the users. Using a web-proxy is a possibility to prevent this sort of data acquisition, while showing the visited websites its own IP instead of the users IP. This gives anonymity and privacy on a basic level.
A web-proxy basically just forwards the internet to your computer; It requests the internet pages you want, using it's own IP, then forwards them to your browser. It works completely different from an IP:port proxy. There are well-known compatibility problems, with Flash, Java or other plugins and addons. A webproxy works only within your web-browser."
I did check into the fun proxy provider's website. Couldn't find any link to the private proxy service they are providing.
The site is full with ads and redirected links.
Muscle proxy provides UK based IP addresses. I need private IPs from US. Thanks iAuthority for your suggestion :)
I have contacted both and got reply.
Their proxies are good, but that do not provide warranty on success.
I have to test them in order to make sure they works.

I'd rather keep it open for precise solutions.
Its difficult to get ips from every location that you want, you may want to look at using different providers. But buyproxies, solid proxies seem to cover a good number of locations.
I got a list from a google search, those are Myprivateproxy, Proxynvpn, sslprivateproxy and few more. Don't know how they are.
If anyone of you have experience using them please let me know. Thanks in advance :)
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