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Success: How I define it - How do you define it?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by YouTubez, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. YouTubez

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    Feb 3, 2013
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    This was a highschool 12th grade English project of mine. Yes, I will warn you it has a shit ton of grammatical errors and probably a handful of spelling errors.... But maybe it'll reach out to someone in need of motivation.

    Success: How I define it

    What defines a man's success either in life? It can either be in material goods, money, or his family/relationships. How I define success is through a multitude of ways but my most important one to me is earning money. not just having large amounts of it, but generating massive amounts of cold hard cash. This is my story of how I made my first $1k. Its a excruciating road of trial and error, despair, and depression that continues even today but that first $1k made me a believer of money making and that generating it was one heck of a ride that I will never forget. These stories may seem far fetched but they are directly at your fingertips, just waiting to be accessed by anyone with a $300 laptop, internet connection, and a powerful drive to work way harder then most would ever think of working. This is the beginning of what turns into my road towards success!

    I was beaten, kicked around, tired of school, just moved to a new place in ******* (a small little apartment that could barely hold all 4 family members). It was a fresh start away from a cruel stepfather. I knew I had some changing to do, and I took that step when I turned on my mom's laptop. I had read somewhere online that to make money, you had to fill a need. It seemed easy enough, I had a million ideas buzzing through my head and I just wanted to scream it out to everyone just to see their reactions of "yes get it done" or "no, your stupid that will never work". I never did that, I just went and dove straight in and saw that others were making $1 a day from this thing called PPD (paid per download). I read up for 3 weeks straight on just that topic, as soon as I got to a computer anywhere I instantly looked it up and was loving it. It was a brand new topic, something that no one in my close circle of friends nor family heard of. While I was going around asking questions I got to know people online who were looking into the same thing as me. All were brilliant minds in their own right with either money as their target or have bragging rights. Not me, I was absolutely amazed at the fact that I could work for myself and enjoy it.

    I'm going to hop to the middle of this story, It's a cold Sunday morning 2012 Christmas break. Mom is gone at her husband's house, I'm left alone at the apartment to work as I please. I started the morning routine, grab a mountain dew, start my music, open up skype. A perfect day to make a hundred bucks, and that I did because I had my routine down to a science. I started by looking for keywords to target, a very long tedious job but can mean the difference from a hundred dollars a day to nothing. Tried to get a hold of my guys who sold me the bits and pieces to rank (rank as in get placed for search terms on YouTube), people would give their left nut to have the connections I had for my YouTube accounts, YouTube views, and video likes. These people are from all over the world so I tended to contact then around 6am and get a response and quote in 4-5 hours. While I did that I was typing up a 4-5 hundred word article to use in ranking my YouTube videos. That was my main key to rolling in the money and I took my time with it. Afterwards I would usually go find some food, grab a shower, check my earnings for the day so far. Afterwards I would just relax till I decided to upload my videos and wait till they ranked on youtube and generated me traffic and in other words money. Rinse and repeat these steps for all of my websites which was a 7-8 hour job but extremely fun and never truely felt like a job. I was always on skype with my buddies, or playing various video games all the while my websites made me money. It was that week that I pulled in my largest weekly paycheck ever, $450! I was ecstatic, to say the least. I think it's amazing how quickly I went from a nothing to a something. I started with nothing but a blank website.

    This was just a small portion of my long, sad, happy, depressing, and ultimately crazy road to success. It's a road that never truly ends, its always continuing and I don't want it to end anytime soon because I couldn't live without all of its twists, turns, and tumbles it sends me on. Without that road I would be at a loss for a drive in life, no drive, no life, and ultimately no happiness ever. My definition of life and success would have to be first money, then once I can retire for good I'll focus on family, friends, and traveling comfortably. I want to live off myself, I want to support myself and my family unlike so many others I see in this day and age living off the government.

    Link to it on Google Drive: Read

    This as stated is my road towards success but by no means is it my final nor end road to it.
  2. Adrian112

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    Success for me is to wake up every morning, and nothing hurt me, to have breakfast with peoples that I like, and to have secure 40$/day.
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  3. gr8money

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    Apr 11, 2014
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    For me its to have work doing what I love, have enough money to be comfortable and buy essential things I want, and have the freedom to enjoy my day and do what I like.
  4. NinjaX5

    NinjaX5 Newbie

    Jun 17, 2014
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    Success is a journey, trying to fail at best. And never stopping...