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    i've got a collection of home made spun articles...(i wrote the articles and then spun them myself using power article rewriter.....

    how soon after submitting to ac should i resubmit a spun dupe? i'm thinking of submitting 2-3 version to ac (spread out over different accounts)....and then 200 to various article submission sites (for site pr and stuff like that)

    do you submit your dup content right away? do you wait?
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    One thing to keep in mind is that even when submitted to other accts, it's easy for AC's editors to put a connection together if you're using multiple spun versions of one seed article to submit to AC. You would have to swap out the keywords if you do go this route and then make sure that it's at least 85% unique from the first one submitted.

    If you submit to AC as non exclusive and then plan to submit everywhere else, just make sure that you wait until it's published and live on AC, then you can submit it everywhere else as soon as you want.
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    If you go that route, use the train of logic. There are only so many editors on AC. They do read a lot of work. Wait a month and then resubmit on the different accounts. Do like Redtide said though and make sure they are 85% unique. It might be faster just to do a different angle on the same topic and keyword set. Then you don't have to research and can use the spins. It is rather risky. You're taking a big chance doing that. Better off just using the spin-offs for other stuff and keep the dupes out of the hands of AC editors.