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    Jul 24, 2011
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    So I recently paid someone to write 10 articles that are roughly related to my niche. I had a few ideas about what to do with these and would like some feedback. First, let me say that the articles are okay. They are about New York but are rough around the edges and would in no way qualify as authoritative nor would I post them directly on my site for readers. So what to do with them. I had 3 ideas:

    1. Put them on my site but don't link them. Instead, submit them to google using a sitemap, one page per day.
    2. Same thing above but submit them all at the same time.
    3. Submit them using one of the submission services here in BHW and go for just pure back linkage
    4. Your idea goes here
    So what do you guys think? One of the three above or do you have something else in mind? I am very new to this and don't want to have my well ranked site de-listed. Not sure how I would but there is always that concern. The pages are unique but they don't offer much. They are just very general information that can be found just about anywhere.

    Suggestions very welcomed. Thank you.