Submit to website with my own list. What's the best software ?

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    Apr 24, 2013
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    Hello guys.

    I'm look at doing tiered lb.

    I've check the videos of matthew woodward and decided it was a good general line to follow but since i'm doing thing a bit differently i would like to have some advice on software.

    He advocate for UD as T1 ( as do many people ) and gsa for t2-t3. For GSA i'm sold.

    But i'm doing things " differently " for my t1 since i will be building my web2.0 manually and using FCSnetworker mainly to build my web 2.0 network and manage them so i don't really need the web 2.0 from UD.

    He shown in his video that the power of UD was coming from the possibilty to add you own scrape list of site for more diversity. But since i'd be using ud only for this , is it worth it ?

    Should i go with Licorne AIO instead for this particular task since i will be using my own links ?( its cheaper obviously and might bring something different in the futur)

    What about the other thing ud submit to ? i know about link diversity and obviously i don't only need web 2.0 pointing to my money site , i need wiki , article directory , web directory ,etc..

    Any other tool i'm not aware of that i could feed everything i scrape from scrapebox and submit to the proper websites ?