Subject/Context of my website is not converting, help!

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    Oct 17, 2013
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    I have a website which has a couple of kw's on the first spot in G. Daily I get 100 uv's to 180 uv's. Unfortunately the website is about how to cook some kind of food. So a "how to website about food".

    I have read that these sites normally don't convert very good. And I have experienced that problem.
    People take a look at the website how they should prepare and cook the food and then will leave...

    I use Adsense and some CPA program but I'm now looking for ways to bring in more money. I was thinking maybe I could use a popup with adsense or cpa?? But I'm not sure if this would be safe to use regarding the terms of Adsense.

    Out of the daily uv's only 1 visitor actually clicks on an ad from adsense. So that's not that much.
    Anyone has an idea what I could do to increase the conversion?