Stupidiest Ebay Seller Ever

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    I found this on MSN, it was quite funny.

    "Longtime eBay seller James Labrecque starts each of his listings with the same warning: "WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS." He's half right. Labrecque sold a locked floor safe on the auction site for $122.93, but the buyer found $26,000 cash inside. "I thought it was empty [...] So I put it on eBay" Labrecque told WMC-TV. "I feel like the stupidest idiot in the world." He has reached out to the Tennessee-based buyer, asking for half of the money. The buyer declined, quoting Labrecque's own caveat back to him. Hey, at least you got positive feedback!"
    So, who would give the money back? Split it?
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