Stupid videos sites!! Need help!

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by StarBeltMarketer, Oct 11, 2010.

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    I'm doing a wordpress site and I'm going to have quite a few videos on it. I decided not to host the videos on my Bluehost hosting account because they take up to much resources and my browser stalls when I want to click on a link while a video is playing. So I guess my only option is to put them on a video sharing site so many people can view them at once so there is no bandwidth issues. (Or is there another option?)

    I have been trying youtube and vimeo and others but I am not happy with the branding and watermarks that come up if I embed the videos on my site. For instance if I use Vimeo, at the end of the video it will say something like "view the above video and more at" SUCK!!!! That's so stupid I don't want it to show that because I will be charging a membership for my site and it will just totally destroy the user experience for my members!

    And with youtube if I embed a youtube video on my site it will have their watermark and I definitely don't want that because the paying member would think "What the hell! I'm paying for this membership when I can just find these videos on youtube for free!!!"

    These are videos that I recorded myself.

    Does this make sense ?

    I need video hosting that won't distract my members from what my site is all about. And I need high bandwidth so my users don't get frustrated when they try to click on a link while a video is playing.
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    well the solution, is to buy a server and make your own player for the videos, that way you do what you want, but you must pay for the trafic and have a good server! With youtube you got it for free, but they want to earn money too, that's their site, you embeded your video, the users have to know the video comes from youtube, what do you think? If your site is paid, than you must have a private player stream like all the private sites, for fun sites you can find dozen and dozen in youtube, name it: failblog etc etc etc they are free and they earn by ads in their sites, for your site to be paid it have to have original material and fun as hell, once the users discovers the video is coppied from a free source you are doomed. if you think to make money its like that than you are ********in NOOB and stop crying because youtube is not your mamma.