stupid ban rate lately....

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by stegejaaaarn, Jun 23, 2014.

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    2 days ago or so all my videos that had bought views on got deleted and some accounts banned. The next day all accounts i used on addmefast to farm credits got banned. Then pretty much all accounts i have uploaded videos to got banned. Lost most of my accounts that i have had for over 3 years. Today i tried using the unlisted method. All accounts banned. Tried the unlisted method but added alot of real comments and real likes, not bot likes. All those accounts banned. Made a new unique movie, totally legit, uploaded it and put in description and such then logged out, didn't touch it. 1 hour later my account was banned. Made a new video and a new account and uploaded it. Pretty soon it was banned too.
    Buy views = ban
    add likes = ban
    Unlisted method = ban
    Copying other videos = ban
    Making your own legit videos = ban
    Using services like addmefast, even for credit farming = ban

    I am not feeling extremly motivated anymore ><
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    I'm not saying it'll fix anything, but have you looked your IPs as the issue maybe? I have heard from other people about Google being on a serious ban-crazy kick lately, but for as many different methods as you've tried there, I'd be looking for the common thread that ties them all together. It could be that Google has flagged your IPs and that's why it seems like no matter what you do, they're always there to drop the ban hammer. It's probably worth a shot anyway if you haven't tried different ones yet.
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    Yep. I got almost all my accounts banned during this weekend ;/