Stumped - one single page of website deindexed - help!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by YellowHats, Jan 7, 2016.

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    So - I know my stuff with SEO - it's my job. But something has happened with one of my affiliate sites and I'm just stumped. Haven't seen anything like this before and turning to the best place I know for help :)

    It's a fairly large website (~1k pages of legit content). It's ranking well and rankings are continuously increasing. Except for ONE page.

    One of the pages was ranking 2nd-3rd for its main keyword and getting lots of traffic and plenty of impressions and clicks according to GWT. The position of the keyword never changed but the impressions tanked, meaning - it was "still ranked" 2nd-3rd but Google was only showing it to a subset of visitors. This went on for about a week or two and then the page disappeared entirely from rankings.

    Now the craziest thing is, not only is it not ranking, but it's literally de-indexed. That one page doesn't show up with a site: search. Rest of the site is doing fine.

    I've checked - the page is not in robots.txt, no server problems, doesn't have a noindex or nofollow tag, no weird redirects or anything like that.

    Anybody ever seen anything like this?

    Muchos Gracias