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    Hello partypeople!

    I am Noni, 19 years old from Germany, lucky winner of the PinDominator giveaway and would like to share my journey with you guys :)

    / my expirience

    I have been trying to make some bucks from IM for years.
    My first attempts were with those shitty survey sites where you have to click like half an hour to earn a few cents. Later, I realized its much easier to make other people complete surveys and other tasks and just earn by referring them and I made about $2k over 1 1/2 years in total from referring people to a GPT site. Not much, but still nice to have when you are young, and - I learned alot!

    I havent been doing much IM since then.

    I think I have a good basic knowledge on how things go in the web.
    I am studying webdevelopment and I have worked alot with social media in my freetime.

    / my goals

    Goals should be SMART.

    and Time-bound

    To be honest - mine are none of these above.
    I am completely clueless about how to convert traffic (okay, I have made some expirience but I wouldnt say I have much of an idea) and pinterest is one of the social networks I know the least.

    I want to learn Internet Marketing. Thats the only goal. I couldnt be less specific probably and its far from being measurable. But thats what I want to learn the ropes of. I will try different niches and different ways to monetize and figure out what works best for which niche.

    / my plan

    Set up 10 pinterest accounts & grow them with PinDominator
    Niches planned: photography, recipes (evergreen), also have some others in mind

    Rework my own blog
    Blog will cover themes like photography, webdesign, graphic design. I only need it to get approved for Amazon / Google.

    Get approved for Amazon Associates and Google AdSense
    Any tipps for this step?

    Create niche blogs and drive traffic to them
    Pinterest traffic

    Test different ways to monetize the blogs an see which converts the best
    AdSense, Amazon, Etsy, CPAelite

    / why did you create a journey thread when you have nothing to say?

    I guess there are plenty of IM newbies around here that are interested in enhancing there knowledge in monetizing pinterest. I am going to share my progress and especially lessons learned here.

    I will rework this thread by time. I am not a native speaker and its almost 2am here I dont even know why I am still awake. Also, my abostrophe button doesnt work thats why I am writing long forms ("I am") and shit like "doesnt" all the time, sorry for that!

    Edit after re-reading: This post is so retarded, I am seriously tired I guess. Will probably rewrite most of it this coming weekend.
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