Stumbleupon Exchanges - Where Did They All Go?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by pyronaut, Jan 14, 2010.

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    All today ive been trolling through old old posts here, on DP, and on WF in an attempt to find somewhere that is still active doing stumble exchanges.

    I have a stumbleudon, but they have pretty ridiculous requirements now. Plus its really limiting only have 5 stumbles (Although sometimes this can be enough).

    I have Piqqus. But there doesnt seem to be that big of a roll around. There has been the same few sites sitting there waiting for stumbles all day (I have done most, left out the spammy ones). And i have then submitted my site with the little points i had (Should have still got 10+ stumbles). And am still waiting for it to come through. Ive had a couple but not alot. used to be good but it redirects me to a page that eventually just screws up. Dunno whats happening there. Could just be temporary. But AFAIK, this program died a long time ago.

    Ive also tried and which were both fairly crap. Was in no way "intuative" as to handing me sites to stumble. And giving me points to submit my own urls.

    I went through a bunch of sites, but they all seemed reliant on people being honest about stumbling URL's. Which to me is easy as hell to game the system.

    Where did all the good stumble exchange programs go? I remember back in the day. There was one, and every load of the homepage gave you a url to stumble, and then you could submit your own. And it was just a never ending loop. Was amazingly good.

    Any advice?
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    yeah i'm also intersted in finding a good source of stumbles
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    You found anything?