struggling with youtube views


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Jul 11, 2010
I outsourced a video here on BHW and it's been a week and I only have got 53 views... I have added the max allowed for description and tags but stil struggling.. The content of the video is a popular term..

any suggestions? change my title?
same here how can u find out when a certain set of words in a search term with the least amount of videos in the search popular at that time so i can get a lot of views
I want to share some tips here:-

1. Your video title must be catchy.. just think while you browse youtube as a user perspective will you click on that video after reading title?
2. The thumbnail of the video should be interesting and eye catching. it helps new videos to get faster views.
3. Many guys avoids description but believe me description also matters when guys search on youtube. So put long description with optimized keywords.
right, maybe you can try anccient suggestion, just buy a thousands of quality view from the buy/sell section and build up your ranking faster and better. The experts can also advice you from there..
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