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struggling to start

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by payayy, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. payayy

    payayy Registered Member

    Nov 29, 2012
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    Il bel Paese
    Hi everyone,
    I'm on BHW since 2013. I read journeys and guide, I studied almost every method to start making money.
    My first frustration is about money. I don't have any so I can't make any, that's my thought. Even if I have good skills in graphic design, video editing and web developing I have serious problems finding a niche or a strategy to use and just focus on that one. I can't decide if it's better start a blog or a facebook page, or an Instagram profile. Can someone just point me a way to follow? How can I decide where do I have to smash my face to start make money on the web? I can study and learn everything. Just give me your opinion so I can get some inspiration and be motivated to start. Procastination is a bad beast.
  2. ChanzGrande

    ChanzGrande Elite Member

    Feb 16, 2008
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    Northern Woods Counting Money
    I love when people reach out this way because we've all gone through this experience with information overload, self-doubt, and wondering what direction we can/should move in. I like to compare this situation you find yourself in to toddlers learning to walk, which is a metaphor that rings true in a ton of ways for someone like you. You don't know what you're capable of online, and your overwhelmed and paralyzed to move. You simply cannot put that first foot down to take steps on your path. Yet just like a toddler, it's only taking the chance that will show you that it is actually OK if you fail at first - because you will pick yourself up, try harder, adapt, and eventually you will be putting one foot in front of the other like it is old hat.

    Toddlers learn to walk by falling down, and they are rarely challenged at an ego level by this kind of thing. As adults we can become victims to our own fears, and simply fail to try to take steps, thusly failing to learn to walk online. I can't tell you exactly WHAT you should do because I don't know what motivates you, what goals you have, what skills you have, or how many times you are willing to fail to achieve the goals you set. I don't know how many times you'll dust yourself off when things don't work out the way you expect them to. If you can't summon enough strength of character to take one step in any direction your success chances are very low.

    The reason I love when people reach out like this is because the answer to your question is in your question. Re-read what you wrote, and then don't pin fear on procrastination. What the F are you afraid of my friend? Success? Failure? Being broke? You are broke - you said so yourself. Are you alive? You have what you want and need is implied by what you say, but then belied by that you also say you do want to make the money online. Are you afraid of the work? Are you just lazy?

    You don't need to smash your face to start making money online unless you create a youtube channel where you smash yourself in the face. I actually think that niche can work. I wouldn't go that route, but I would identify one or a few projects to focus my energy into, and then I would learn to walk. Fall down dude. Don't be such a baby!
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