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    In the post-panda era, which is usually more effective when targeting a group of related keywords:

    1. Creating a separate site for each keyword you want to target (separate domains)

    2. Create one site that targets all the related keywords (same domain)

    When I say a group of related keywords, I mean something like "how to get rid of bed bugs" , "how to get rid of acne" , "how to get rid of fleas" , etc..
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    Generally it seems going for larger sites with lots of related keywords seems to be doing better. (at least for me anyway)

    In your example though I am not sure how Google would see the connection between them. If I was going to try something like that I would try and tie in the "how to get rid of" theme together somehow on the main page and probably backlink it with just that as an anchor text in addition to your full terms. Basically you are creating a self help site focused on that key phrase so I can see it working but you would really need to make sure that the main page tied them all together so that Google starts seeing your site as soon as it sees the "how to get rid of" term.
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