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May 21, 2021
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Hello guys, how are you?
So, I need a storage hosting and with unlimited transfer, I want to host the videos from my anime website. I would be happy if this one was cheap, for me that I am starting it is kind of difficult to have a website that pays for itself.
There is no need for it to be offshore or armored, I use a cheap DMCA Ignored hosting to proxy.
I would be happy if someone has a tip!
I am with web host. They have offshore servers in Cyprus.
Having all our web and email administration under one roof has been very convenient.
There is always a very intelligent person on the other end of live chat who takes care of your needs immediately.
How much exactly you need storage?
Which server location do you consider?
I want something with more than 500 GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth. It doesn't need a lot of processing power, as it will only take care of uploading videos.

I don't have an exact location, but Europe or America are great places for me. The most distant, it would be the European part of Russia!
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