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    Stop what? Please everyone start being grateful for what you have and are able to do. Many of us have nothing to
    complain about. Just look below this line of text as a lady so beautifully plays the Piano literally with no fingers on one

    Now if this young woman can play the Piano with one hand missing all fingers and play it excellent then why can you not
    make money online. This girl is amazing and has not let her problem effect her life and passion. Should money even be
    your passion? What is money besides paper that society claims has value...What is the worth of Gold if none cared?
    Enjoy your work and be thankful for the people you meet and circle yourself with. I hear people say " But I do not have
    any money to invest " Yeah I know and this girl does not have fingers to play a Piano. Right now I am on a diet for my
    health a well being. Is it hard? Well maybe...But how can you fuss or be upset when you see someone overcome a problem
    that makes your seem childish.

    Stop what your doing for a minute and think to yourself you are doing better than many people just because you are able
    to do it. Think of all the people working the daily grind and all they do is sign into Facebook on their PC. They have no clue
    or concept of making money online. You know I saw a statistic that the average person stays signed into Facebook 3 hours
    a day. I am not saying how accurate this statistic is. But even if it is 30% wrong still that is allot of time when they could be
    making money ect. Anyway back to the point. Feeling down? Feeling like you keep trying and cannot make money? Well I am
    not sure when this woman lost her fingers. But I imagine the pain and sadness of a Piano player to loose their fingers must be
    heart breaking and body ripping.

    Anyway count all your blessings and think about how your able to do things most people have to struggle to do. We all have our
    battles in life and I know it is not easy. I am not saying it is easy. But at least we have the opportunity to overcome the dark times.
    Also be happy to be a member of this community. Do you know how many forums and communities I have participated in and none
    of them compares to this one. It is not everyday you meet a group of people helping you help yourself. Most people want to throw
    you down the ladder so they can climb it.

    If you ever feel like things are impossible. Come to this thread and watch this. On a lighter note I think she plays the Piano so
    beautiful and the music sounds amazing.

    Okay Good Luck to all of you! I wish the best for you.
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    Great post RedClover!

    If you put time and effort into IM, you will succeed.
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    Jul 6, 2012
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    Reminds me of this quote, "You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself. This was a great post!