Still young, trying to create something that will last me a long while.

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    Mar 6, 2012
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    Hey guys, I've made a thread previously about my IM experience and after some tough love and great advice I'm back on track again. This weekend I'm going to be starting real work, and right now I'm simply thinking of what to do. I've always wanted to do email lists, because once you have a list built all you do is mass email and wait for some cash to (hopefully) roll in.

    Manually harvesting emails is pretty tedious work, but I'm willing to do it in order to not invest anything initially. At least this way I can get extremely targeted emails. I'm going to learn all the aspects of a method like this, because I believe email marketing will be worth it. If I make some money off of this i'll move on to some more methods!

    So what are some useful programs for this? How should I organize the emails in excel? I'll be researching keywords and harvesting the emails associated on websites with those keywords to get them. Unfortunately I'll be doing it by hand, but hey hard work or no work right?