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    I've been a member here since 2007 and have done my fair share of reading and learning to understand these forums. My question is can someone please give me a step by step understanding of how i would increase my likes/friends to my main accounts?

    I understand that you can only send out a few request a day so is there away to target these request back to my main accounts so people would add my main account as a friend or for them to like my biz page?

    I'm about to buy this FFA program and would like more of an understanding of how i can start my campaign. I have 1 biz page for my campaign and 1 main profile for this campaign. So what is the direction i need to take to target likes/adds to these pages. I also have like 7 dummy accounts that i've setup to start adding friends. I would be very grateful for someone to give me a little bit of and insight on how i go about on my first facebook campaign.

    I'm targeting certain type of people for this campaign who would only be interested in what i'm offering.
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    You've been here 3 years.
    This forum is a goldmine of free info and methods.
    If only you had the attention span to read them, you'd most likely be rich by now.
    People won't be willing to help you unless you show initiative and help yourself.
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    zeta reticuli
    @ OP you are great man! you still remember your BHW password!!!