Staying Under The Radar

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    Staying Under The Radar

    Hello, by reading this thread hopefully you are going to be exposed to a number of new ways in which you can stay under facebooks radar.

    Adding Friends
    When adding friends, many people come across the issue of their account/s getting road blocked or disabled. There are a few methods which you can use to stop this from happening.

    Method #1 -
    Increasing Your Acceptance Rate
    You might have read about many people telling you to increase your acceptance rate in order to stay under the radar, however you might not have figured out how exactly to do this task.
    The acceptance rate refers to the amount of people who are accepting your friend request, take in the following example.

    BlackhatBob adds 100 friends.
    Out of the 100 friends,
    60 People Have accepted his request.
    20 People have rejected his request.
    20 People have not yet replied to his request.
    Blackhatbob has an acceptance rate of 75% (60/80)

    Generally speaking, you want to have an acceptance rate of 70% or higher.

    Now, finally getting to the part of getting a higher acceptance rate.

    • Don't add entirely random friends, if you have a particular niche you are researching try and add clusters of friends, it might give you a few unwanted friends however it will enable you to gain more friends in the long run. Instead of adding just Jennie, who is friends with rob and bonnie. Add jennie, rob and bonnie. People feel far more at ease if they have mutual friends, even if it is just one. However the more the better.
    • If you don't care about who you are adding and just want friends, this is easy. Add people who want to add you, Mafia Wars, Fishville, etc people will be fast to respond to your requests and you will have a flurry of requests from their friends who believe you are there to play mafia wars or whatever game.
    • Add your other accounts. If you send 100 request, and have 100 accounts, send 200 requests instead, send the extra 100 requests to your accounts. This will boost your acceptance rate, and you will know which accounts are your fake friends and not need to send them anything.
    • Send a message along with your friend request, tell them whatever you have to tell them to buy their friendship.
    • Use an attractive girls picture as your own, this helps guys accept you and if used properly with the above technique you can really get a much higher acceptance rate.
    • Be unique. Don't do what everyone else is doing as people will begin to catch on, try something different to get people to accept you.
    Method #2 - Getting Added
    Instead of worrying whether you are above the acceptance rate, many people prefer to take the approach of having people add them.
    This method has its pros and cons.

    • You don't have to worry about the acceptance rate.
    • You are likely to have more friends.
    • It can be theoretically automated with ease.
    • You have a lower chance of getting banned.

    • You have less control of the people who add you.
    • You might get blocked for spamming.
    This method is done mainly by posting on pages, it can be mafia wars pages and those types, or it can be niche pages, generally if you post add me on these pages and don't have a generic message, i.e. you are seemingly genuine, a few people will add you. Once you begin to have a few friends more and more people will begin to add you as you appear in their suggestions.

    Method #3 - Finding Your Way Into Friend Circles
    This method involves adding groups of friends and building your own friend circles within friend circles, it is very useful if you have multiple accounts however this can be very time consuming.

    Friend circles, are basically friend groups however without the exclusion of certain individuals. Generally speaking, there are friend groups of around 5-10 people, they go out together, etc. On facebook, there are friend groups of 100+ people, they don't go out to functions however they sometimes socialise with one another online.

    To break into online friend circles, you need to make friends with a few people [To find the people, use the mutual friends feature]. Once you have added a few friends [who are friends with each other] you have taken the first step of breaking into their friend circle. The next step, is to continue adding these people, to develop a online relationship with a number of these mutual friends, again this is very time consuming, however very useful for area located niches. Once you have 100-200 friends, you should begin trying to break into friend circles within friend circles. See the following example.

    BlackHatRalph wants to break into some friend circles.
    He 'targets' Jessica and decides to add her and 5 of her other friends.
    He sent each of them a message which explained he was going to be moving to the area soon and would like to get to know some people.
    He then spends a few days 'facebooking' with his newly added friends.
    BlackHatRalph then decides he wants to add some more of their friends, he adds some of the people which have commented on his friends updates, explaining to them the same thing.
    BlackHatRalph ended up adding 30 new friends.
    He begins 'facebooking' with them for a few days, and then decides to add some more friends, by adding people who commented on his friends updates once again.
    He continues this until he has approx 150 friends.
    BlackHatRalph now decides he wants to find some new friend circles, he looks at his 'Suggestions' for people to add, and adds everyone he can find with 20+ mutual friends explaining to them the same thing as he has to everyone else.
    BlackHatRalph continues his methods until he reaches the amount of friends which he desires.

    As you can see by this example. You can add a large amount of friends using this method and you can also, in theory, stay under the radar.

    Method #4 - Using A Different Email
    Facebook is generally stricter upon free email providers, or well known providers. The easier it is to create an email, i.e. hotmail, the stricter they are.

    To get around this, buy a domain, set up your own email it won't cost you much at all maybe a few dollars (depending on the domain deals). Once you've bought your domain simply set up your email, and start making your own email addresses to register with facebook. You will notice that there is a large leniency coming your way due to the fact you are using a unique/private email provider.

    Messaging Friends
    Everyone wants to message their 'facebook friends', however facebook seems to want to block you from sending messages after you have sent x amount of messages, or they simply disable your account. I'm going to tell you of a few methods to bypass this.

    Method #1 - Using Events or Groups to send your messages
    Facebook allows you to create events and groups and invite your friends to both the groups and events. Events are seemingly the more efficient way to go in this, as you can literally send a message to all your friends without their interaction whatsoever, also events do not have a limit to sending messages.


    1. Create a facebook event.
    2. Invite ALL of your friends to it.
    3. *Go to your event page and click "Message Guests"
    4. Leave attendees as all, this will mean that even people who have not replied to your event invitation will receive your message.
    5. Type your subject and message as per usual.
    6. Click Send.
    7. Congratulations you have just sent a message to all of your friends and your account does not risk getting banned.
    *If you have a large amount of friends it can often take an hour or more for facebook to invite all of the friends to your event, you should see the "Guests" number rising and when it reaches the amount of friends which you have, proceed.


    1. Create a facebook group.
    2. Invite all your friends.
    3. *Message all members of the group.
    4. Congratulations you have just sent a message to all of your group members.
    *You might want to wait until a large amount of people have actually decided to join your group before sending the message, otherwise your message will only be sent to a few people.

    Method #2
    - Intervals, Grouping and Mixing it up.

    In order to not get banned by facebook, you need to do some of the above. You need to set intervals, group friends and mix up what you are doing.

    Intervals need to be set when sending messages to your friends, however it is important that the intervals change so that they do not appear automated. Setting an interval of 10 messages per 40 minutes, or such can be time consuming however it can also save your account. Each account is different in its own right, and trial and error should be used to determine the amount of messages which your account can send before receiving a roadblock.

    By grouping a few friends together, you can send more messages and lower the chance of your account being disabled or blocked. Grouping friends who are 14-18 into groups of 5-10 can help alot, especially if you are sending some form of a generic message. You have to spark discussion however, you need to add your touch to the generic message, this will lower the chance of them reporting you.

    Mixing It Up
    It's important that you mix up what you are doing. Facebook will think you are using automated software if you keep doing the same thing, at set intervals. Instead of messaging 1 person every x minutes, message 1-5 people every x - z minutes. You need to change what you are doing, and not to forget that your main aim is to also convince the people you are messaging that you are not some generic spam.

    I will be adding a section facebook wall posting soon.

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    100 feet under symetry
    I found a big problem in this method:

    1) Let say my client wants a friends from a specific location. So in that case none of your friend adding method will work. Because we need users from a specific location. If we do as per your advice, we will get a lot of unwanted friends from different location and targetted work can not be done through this way.

    2) Let say i want to add friends from a specific fan page or group, this method will not work.

    In target campaign we can not increase acceptance ratio.

    Only in random friend add this will work.
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    1/2. Check method 3, you need to first and foremost find a few friends from the location and then work your way into their friend circles, thus enabling targeted work to be done this way.
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    Hey socialnetauto,

    Like your post, good basic stuff. Given me the idea to mess around with some events instead of pages and groups. Last time I tried my events were getting deleted v quick so haven't tried making money out of one in ages.
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    Try and build up a large event [i.e. Public holiday] and then send a message, it won't be targeted however it will be mass.
    Good Luck
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    How to stay under the radar.

    Step 1. Not posting exact numbers on a public forum for the Facebook lurkers take notes on.

    Just saying :)
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    Doesn't seem to work with more than the 5000 member limit. The messaging goes away.
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    I assume your talking about groups, there is a 5000 limit for groups, yes.
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    good read thanks man this will help in some probs....
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    is anyone still using adult methods?
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