Stay away from Hosting 24!

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    As many members of BHW I used oowebhost for various BH websites It was fine actually until a year ago (completely useless now) it was a decent service as far as free hosting is concerned.
    I decided then to upgrade to silver account for my WH websites, this is when all started:
    I was always charged for gold membership.
    I was charged three for times per month.
    It happened each fucking month!
    Now I am wondering How can you not notice a monthly bill paid for times in a month?
    Any time they claimed that I submitted the payment more than once!
    Come on man! They all take for granted that you are an idiot!
    Anyway I finally moved to hostgator which btw it seems very good for my needs.
    Last bull shit they said is that I can not keep my paid domains because my account is closed and they wont forward my DNS form me.
    You know If you are looking for hosting leave this people alone!