Stay Away from Gmailautoresponder

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    i wanted to know all that gmailautoresponder . com is a scam.

    i needed a autoresponder and found gmailautoresponder which offer 7 days free trial and then 19$ per month.

    i signed up with paypal for 7 days trial and never got any product but an followup email from aweber after 2/3 days.

    I wrote back but never got any response from this guy. This guy is a member of this forum so i sent a PM but he never replied to my pm.

    His username:hgear

    I forgot to cancel trial subcription and have been charged.

    If anyone want to verify just go to the above link and sign up for a free trial, then you will neither be redirected to any download page or get any email containing download link. And off-course, don't forget to cancel trial scam.

    Btw if anyone need a autoresponder use blackhatautoresponder and do not fall to this trap.