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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by AntiCorruptionDude, Jun 11, 2010.

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    The backlinking, articles, bookmarking, etc, used to work and perhaps still do, but I'm now under the impression that google wants a more dynamic site to obtain rankings. The wordpress plugins and whatnot that seem to auto-add content (I don't pretend to understand how that works yet) seem to jack up rankings. The static pages seem to only garner those rankings due to age and massive content over time, massive backlinks over time.

    News items with massive comments get huge rankings.

    What is going on with SE algorithms in this regard. If we can no longer compete due to age and massive backlinks, do we have to go for micro niche keywords, some backlinking, and perhaps dynamic on-going content?

    Just looking for opinions. On some of my main money sites, I don't even give a fart about page rank, keywords or seo anymore. I instead update the site daily (I was not ranking at ALL anyway, I'm in a highly competative field, so I don't care; I drive traffic in other ways).

    Opinions, and thanks guys. As always, love this forum.

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