Starting up an E-Commerce site(or few)and got questions.

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    WELL,after being on the block a while I learned making my old website that was affiliate link based was a TERRIBLE idea since I had no specific niche and was for posting any and every genre I got my hand on I decided to break it down.Well I did a few tests on making payments with woo commerce and decided I'm gonna make a few e-commerce websites(with drop shipping for now) in hope of being able to make a living on them.WELL my question is how broad is TOO broad with a niche?I saw someone say selling accessories for tablets is way too broad and should be nubbed down to just selling accessories for like Kindle Fires on a website would be good,which in a buyer shoes I felt that would just make me go else where if all I saw on a site was kindle products EVEN IF I had a kindle.I figured tackling electronics as a whole could be good like having computer parts and cell phone accessories together could give your site more long run space.My last two questions are,does anybody even know someone who makes enough consistent money to live off e-commerce sites or are they just hit and misses?and my last question is how do people go about hiring others to handle their transactions on the site?Like not where to post but like how do they do the money part without getting into your bank accounts??

    Long Story short,

    1.How broad is TOO broad of a niche?

    2.Does anybody know anyone who makes consistent money on e-commerce sites(doesn't have to be just one site)?

    3.How to make it where you have people handling your transactions on your website?

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    Broad means a niche is or and has never been broken down once.

    1) It is the top level of all research and is typically all inclusive with being similar to pets rather than dogs or cats.

    2) Many people have made and make millions off eCommerce websites, but the honest fact of the matter affiliate sites relying on mass scale and no in-house proprietary wholesale warehouses or shipment centers based on foreign goods such as the AliExpress Partnership / Affiliate Program offers an explicit platform in which you can scale endlessly.

    3) Payment processors or standalone affiliate programs have easy to use ways to handle as well as process transactions. You can either use Paypal and stuff boxes and do it manually or rely on the affiliate programs such as Amazon or AliExpress to do it all for you relying on your main profession to generate extensive traffic.