Starting to gain TRACTION........SO SWEET

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    Alright guys and girls, I have known of this community for awhile and actually had an account before but somehow lost all my info so just started over.....ANYWAYS, I have really been just working my butt off and trying to turn a dollar where ever I could doing this whole IM thing. Well as a lot of newbies go I jumped into this right around a year ago doing PTC STUFF. Well as that story goes and a lot of you know, it was less than stellar. ALL GOOD, I made money just wasn't where the promises said. I figured that market out and while it is not impossible it is just the next closest thing. SO moving on I really get the great Idea of starting a porn site, UMMM YEAH who doesn't love porn? Well anyone looking to get the a$$ handed to them just go ahead and try it, you'll see. That market is cut throat and unless you have come up with something that has never been attemped before you are gonna struggle for years at best to make a real name for yourself. Well moving on I really got a jump start into ebay as I already had an account and never really sold anything so I tried it. INSTANT SUCCESS I HOOKED IT....started banging out 2500-4000 per month AWESOME. Still knew nothing of IM, just knew what I was doing was working. Well as ebay goes it has it flaws and my streak cam to an end with heart failure, divorce, and ONE BAD CUSTOMER. Seems the customers always have the upper hand. Either way I had a spat with ebay over this and my account has sat NULL for about 1 year now. NO MORE EBAY.....

    As I mentioned above I had heart failure and now am unemployable at the age of 30 and this happened when I was 28 1/2. Havent worked a job since because I cannot find one or fit the medical requirements. THIS SUCKS....So the past year solid I have been working round attempting stuff and without much success other than ebay....THEN I FOUND BHW....Awesome a community designed for this stuff, I have found the answers. Well I get to poking around here and not really paying alot of attention because I "know" it all alread right, CUZ I AM MAKING SO MUCH MONEY. Get tired of reading post and what not about how this guy and that guy are just banging out bucks left and right....Makes me sick to my stomach....I go back to PTC. LOL Funny, well I make it there for a bit and I really a frustrated....WHY cant I make a sale with clickbank, why cant I get this "free" cash all these sites are talking about, SURVEYS SUCK, so I went blank... HOw are these people doing this I am wondering.

    Well I am so pissed one day about being broke Back in August right when I enrolled into College to better my future as I cant work so I gotta do something. As luck would have it I have kids and I cannot go to a campus so I take online courses; THUS Putting me back behind the computer EVERYDAY....I started a blog to complain to myself on about my life being a wreck and hating everything about what wasnt going right for me. So I put my thoughts down and realize I have no reason to have this BLOG and screw it at $4.95 I will bail out YET AGAIN.....Well as it turns out I was billed for a year and I didnt catch it somehow at the check out. LOL SO I am not loosing anymore money, I am fed UP I am making this work. So I find out that there is a market for relationships and I just so happen to be a Psyc major and am already good at counseling; Getting told on the daily I need to do this for a living. I start blogging about how to do this and that and BLAH BLAH.....NO TRAFFIC, so I come back here and start getting Ideas and trying to backlink really having a hard time figuring that out and still am so I start BLOG Commenting and purchase my way into some relationship sites. Bam Traffic starts coming BUT SLOW.....

    Past three months I have dedicated my every waking hour to pushing traffic through EXCHANGES clicking again for free credits.....NOT the way to go and the traffic is crap...I feel the backslide happening and DECIDE this is not happening again. Start posting anywhere I can and believing I can actually pull this off....I DO KNOW what I am talking about....So I push and get a measly following...NO MONEY...Push harder....NO MONEY.....Push harder and now I start calling people out on there blogs and not conforming to their BS INFO, really challenging them. BAM BAM BAM, Posting my own info around and having people believe me over them...How sweet.....STILL NO MONEY.

    Well the last month has been exciting I really grew some balls and started speaking my mind, telling people what they need to hear, not what they want......I have made AROUND $1000.00 and counting up up up for my advice and opinions to my Members. How freaking sweet is that...Pushing my blog hard and working up my content...I figured it out. I can WRITE and WRITE GOOD......Penny for your thoughts is true and it works. I have been getting random odd jobs running Fiverr adds and doing content writting...Not killing it here guys but I am super pumped because I stuck to it and I listen to some advice here ON BHW and gained support from a few of you.

    Is this the end???? HECK NO this is the beginning and it feels great to catch traction,Is it always going to be good like this? NO, I will have rough spots like everyone does. BUT I have proved to myself it does work. IS it easy??? Well that is a matter of opinion, BUT I do know this....If you want free money keep dreaming, it all takes work, and educating yourself. LISTEN to the OLD WISE WIZARDS HERE, they ain't stupid. While this next sentence does not pertain to me it needs to be said, When you get told to use your mouse and your search engine....LOL go ahead and get pissed. How do you think they, NOW WE. Got there? You have to read and study and try and fail. If you cant hack it...Well you cant hack it. It doesnt always come easy but if you work at it you can do IT.

    THANK YOU BHW and this is where I am now...making money yes, trying to get better YES. Now I just have to make more traffic and get some affiliate sales and I willbe making a real footprint. AGAIN Thank you I know I can do it now.
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    Awesome to hear that you're doing well.
    You sound like you've got perseverance, and I think a lot of people around here will agree that that's one of the most important things you can have when starting off in IM (just as I myself am doing).

    Keep going! :)

    P.S. - if you aren't going to continue updating this thread with your progress and are using it as a simple 'thank you' post, this probably belongs in the lounge.