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    So for the last 2+ years I've had 3 websites, and earning just a little bit per website.

    This year I've decided to really devote some time and effort and really scale it up. The question now becomes how to report that income? For the last 2 years it was just piddley adsense income. I'm currently building a few more adsense sites, as well as an e-commerce site. I'm also looking to possible add a few other offerings to my arsenal, so I figure I'll be earning much more than the few hundred or so I was before. I'm still working full time (at the moment); what makes the most sense?

    I'm not worried really about hiding anything, or trying to 'evade' any taxes. I want to do it the right way; My best guess from reading here would be an LLC?
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    Depending who your affiliate company is, but in most cases you get a w2 for personal and w9 for business end of the year. Hope that helped :)