Starting the new year off horribly

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    Aug 11, 2011
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    Ive been in IM for a few years now and last year i decided i would really dedicate myself so I could finally quit my 9-5 . It seem like no sooner i made that promise to myself everything turned to shit. It didnt start off so bad at first i just made some foolish mistakes and sandboxed a few sites then my laptop died. Its like everytime I finally get things rolling some mishap comes along. So since things off this nature kept happening I figure I would take a little break and start january off fresh. Today I wake up expecting to jump right back into my im work and surprise surprise a 300 dollar paypal dispute and to top it off i only had 10 dollars in my balance so my bank account should be getting raped sometime soon. It turns out some clown from dp filed the dispute i delivered his service the next day and he disputes a month down the road he never contacted me or anything.

    At this point I can't even take this hit ive been strapped for cash since christmas and now this. I dont have much to offer but i can do keyword research for food lol or donations anybody has any suggestions on the paypal dispute or something that can help me out
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    You've been in IM for a few years but sounds like you really have no focus and blame circumstances when you are the one in control of your destiny.

    I wish i started when you did as been in this only 1.5 years and already quit my job a long time ago. Its all about your mental attitude!

    E.g. you say you planned to finally get serious and get started today and then you get a PayPal dispute? So what? You think you are the only with problems in life?

    If today is the day then today is the day. Dont let anything stop you. If you are so easily defeated and easy to break your motivation then thats why you are still failing.

    Get the right mental attitude and read this thread The secret To Success - Never Give Up
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    Get focused.

    First be sure you have already exhausted your options through PayPal's resolution center, located on the ribbon under the account tab on your PayPal account page. They have tutorials on how to defend yourself as a seller that legitimately delivered on the terms of the sale.

    Regardless of the outcome of your PayPal dispute, be sure that you actually "work" in the place of your 9-5 job. Keep a time sheet if it helps you stay on task. Concentrate your efforts on something that fits your interests and areas of expertise.

    Most of all, get some momentum and keep it.
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    I figure out ways to make money online and then au
    Get a part time job in the mean time if you need to for food / rent etc while you keep on hustling.

    It's very very hard bootstrapping yourself from nothing, especially when any money you make is consumed just by the necessities of life. But plenty of us have done it - these tribulations are sent by the universe to test you, and it makes you a stronger and more self sufficient person to overcome them.

    Don't give up hope - it only gets easier from here!
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    You must spread rep around before giving to Autumn again.

    I'z sad. :(
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    Man up and pull yourself together. Business is hard. Get over it.

    Might sound harsh, but life's a bitch and you'll never get anywhere if you're worried about a Paypal dispute.

    I've got 8k locked in my Paypal account so it could be worse for you ;)

    Oh, and +15 for Autumn for useful information as always.
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    You need to call Paypal and tell them the customer paid for a SERVICE. Because you delivered a SERVICE, Paypal will refund your money. The importance is that the transaction is service related. I'm a Paypal advantage member and they will reverse the refund request right on the spot, providing it is service related.

    And like others have noted, chill out and formulate a plan to move forward. That's the only way you will succeed in IM anyway. Be dynamic and adjust. :)
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    I kinda know what you're feeling. I was stuck for about a year. I bought 20 EMD domain names but I didn't really know what I was doing. I made like $3.00 in a year with 20 sites. I lost like $200 on the domain names and like $150 on hosting. Don't get me started on how much I spent with SEO. It was just too much work and I wasn't really ready to handle the load.

    I lost all those domains and I started over. I downloaded this great mind training program from BHW. Basically I was stuck. They called it fear of success or fear of failure. But I just didn't want to go through and try again and fail as miserably as I did.
    I didn't want to rinse and repeat in failing. So I wandered aimlessly for about a year.

    But I've finally fixed my attitude and started over. It's been one month (5 new websites) and I've made $40.00. The main difference is my attitude. 3 of the 5 new websites have been de indexed(Maybe sandboxed). But that doesn't stop me. My adwords account just got permanently suspended today. But that doesn't stop me.

    I just focus on the positives and simply refuse to give up. I just made another sale on Amazon today and my main keywords rank at #34 and #83. I have so much I can improve and it's exciting.

    I'm not working any harder than when I had 20 websites. I just have a better attitude about IM and life.

    I think that's the key to success. Your attitude.
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    I don't wanna sound harsh but as someone already said getting a part time job might be a good idea, not as a sign of giving up but as a little help with you money problems. It's a lot harder to concentrate when you have to worry about what you gonna eat tomorrow and where you gonna sleep. So part time job might help you in these basic things, then you can clear your head and start with a new positive attitude.
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    They can't just take money from your bank.

    They can only do it because they have a variable direct debit. Just cancel that direct debit and ditch the account. If you need another paypal account in the future just open up a company with a company bank account.

    As for how you're feeling, I agree with meathead, you have to man up and stop feeling sorry for yourself. The reason bad things keep happening is because you expect them to and believe they're happening. That's just how the universe works, I'm afraid. When you believe shit keeps going wrong, it continues to keep going wrong. It's a vicious circle. Until you rise above it you'll find things keep going wrong.

    It helps to remind yourself that nothing 'bad' is actually 'bad'. What we perceive in the short term as bad is just 1 stepping stone to what we really want. For instance, because these bad things have happened you've ended up here in this thread reading our advice. This advice has the power to change your life if you accept it. If you choose to you can be on the path to the success and control you want in your life.

    Just keep treating EVERY negative as a positive. It's really easy once you get the hang of it. Just pretend the universe is your friend and it has a plan for you. Let it guide you and keep believing you're on the path to your successful business no matter how bad you think things are in the short term.

    If you want to train to win a marathon there's a lot of what could be perceived to be "pain" along the way, but that pain is necessary for the end goal. You can't expect every single step towards your goal to be "good", can you?

    Just stay positive and keep working and you'll be fine. :)

    Yep! That's all it's about, nothing else. That's the difference between the successful and the people who fail and are miserable. Attitude and consequently how that attitude causes them to approach the negatives that life is unavoidably full of.
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