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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by gRaViJa, May 6, 2012.

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    So far I have one website that i used for experimenting with SEO and IM. I learned a lot of stuff trying things out and now i manage to get some visitors (from 0-2 per day, to 25-40 a day, hooray!) and some small cash (about 8$ a month with adsense, hey it's something). Anyway I feel it's time to expand and improve so i'm thinking about the next 2 projects:

    1) a while ago i had a blog about urban sports. Without knowing anything about seo/IM yet, and given the fact the site was in dutch, i got up to 200 visitors a day which is pretty good. I'm thinking about reopening this blog but make it international (english) now. I still have quality content for it that i should just translate into english. Is this a good idea? Also, what would the best niche be for this blog: all urban sports, 1 urban sport (for example urban golf) or even more narrow (for example urban golf locations)? Gaining money should be through Adsense and later on Amazon Affiliate. How's this idea?

    2) Porn doesn't gain as much money as it used to do, but it seems like hentai (japanese animated porn) is everywhere on the web these days. Would a niche website in this sector be a good idea? This is because hentai websites often look like they are run by fans and are more willing to backlink etc. and hentai seems popular. Is hentai to broad a niche? I'd think so, but what's your opinion? For this website i'm thinking about 18+ alternatives for adsense and pay per download like sharecash and fileice. Are there any websites that provide cash per download but doesn't demand downloaders to fill in questionnaires/polls/wathever? If so, which ones?

    Any comments, feedback, alternatives are greatly appreciated!
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    Translating those articles is a perfect way to save some time and have quality articles right away. Picking the niche is time related. Personally, I like to keep it small so I can concentrate on one niche and thus also have better quality content. On the other hand, having more sports may give you more visitors. If you do decide to focus on one sport, compare the competition and PPC so you can get the most out of your time and money. As for the amazon affliates: I would only recommend this if your visitors are interested in amazon products. You've got to know your visitors and try to put their shoes on. Are they interested in news about a certain sport, rather than for example a golf ball?

    Using affliates is fine, but to make the most money possible you need to affliate products your visitors want. Only you can decide on what would sell the best.


    Actually, hentai is quite big nowadays. The big difference with regular porn is that there are only a few quality hentai websites, and a bunch of fanmade websites (like you mentioned aswell). Hentai is certainly not to broad a niche, but it's a more complicated niche than the urban sports thing. You've got to know what you're doing, so you don't become another fanmade website.

    As for the download thing: I wouldn't recommend that. If I were you I'd also use affliate links on that niche. People who look for hentai are looking to masturbate, so if I were you I would become an cam website affliate or something. In some cases you even get paid per "trial" or free sign-up.

    Also, I've sent you a pm.