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    Good Morrow To Y'All,

    Soon we will be migrating our website over to a new LAMP server with many 1-Click Apps e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and this intervening time period I need to give some serious thought to a strategy going forward.

    Our domain name is fairly good, 2 word, medium length with one of the word a keywords. It takes the form of a "Review Site" and all the outbound links are tagged with affiliate codes. I'm relatively new to the world of internet marketing and so far have not been getting the results from the site that I would want despite knowing that I should be able to make this work.

    In terms of me, I am an initially self-taught computer nerd with some later university background (Computer Systems Engineering). Anything involving learning to use new software is not a problem, but if there was one (increasingly vital) area I'd say I was less confident in, it would be social media. I have a day job, so cannot invest full time in this at the moment but rather in most evenings and weekends.

    There's not been any major investments in software tools but in the next couple of months this will change and we will need to decide what software is worth buying and how best to leverage it. I have read some guides on BHW but wondered how relevant techniques like Article Spinning/Submission still are in the Google Era and if there's anything else we should pay special attention to.

    It would be good to know some good approaches to social media and also if it is still useful to buy FB/YT/G+/Pinterest/Instagram likes/followers/pins and good services for this.

    Sorry as I have no doubt that many of these questions are very basic, and can be turned up with a search but I really appreciate direct feedback anyone can give me.

    Thank you for reading and in advance for any advice or help.

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    I think the thing you have to realize - that buying anything to a money site needs extreme caution.

    for example buying 5,000 links and the guy does it in a day and pings them .. not very natural
    buying 100 facebook likes on a new page that gets delivered in 10 minutes - not very natural

    so - when you buy things you need drop feeding and slow don't buy too much -- and alot of this comes down to age of site - and what you have already done.

    if your affiliate marketing - then you need quality unique content that makes the reader click things - and this type of stuff is good to share in Social Networks as it brings in targeted buyers.

    So that's my biggest advice -- match up the new activity with where your Site is at -- > don't force feed it - if it is really not ready for it -- some of these methods take a bit of time and if you spam too much your likely going to get penalized by Google.

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